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Portland, OR: Brief update on Pax, the comrade arrested Thursday

UPDATE 5/5 from freepax on facebook:

“We’ve paid Pax’s $4k bond! He’ll be out either very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. More updates when we know more. (Bail was originally set at $360k, but reduced when 64 of the charges were abandoned.)”


On the morning of May 3rd over a dozen members of the Portland Police Department stormed a North Portland house and tore it apart on a warrant to indict our friend Bryan Michael Wiedeman (widely known as Pax) on 72 felony charges for “conspiracy to commit criminal mischief” and “criminal mischief” as apparently part of a two year grand jury investigation. The preposterousness of these charges (64 were dropped within a couple days), is clearly intended to terrorize and silence radical communities throughout the pacific northwest. But we’re going to show them how strong our solidarity is.

Pax had his first day in court Friday May 4th at 2pm, he was assigned a public defendant and the judge claimed there was probable cause for the 72 felony charges (despite the fact that 64 were dropped later that night). As of Saturday night following the reduction to only eight felony charges he’s been bailed out by supporters for $4000. His next court date will be Monday May 14th at 9am in the Portland Justice Center. Further updates, public announcement listserv, resources, calender and a direct donations jar to follow shortly. We have tshirts for preorder. Updates can also be found on his facebook support page.

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Japan tsunami debris moves towards US and Canada

Wreckage including lumber, footballs, parts of roofs and factories, and even bikes will soon start coming ashore in North America

Suzanne Goldenberg,

Wreckage from Japan's tsunami – fishing gear and furniture, footballs and ships – has swept across the Pacific far faster than expected, with thousands of tonnes projected to land on North American shores this year.

Scientists believe lighter objects such as buoys and oil drums began reaching land last November or December. The rest is spread over thousands of miles of ocean between the Midway atoll and the northern islands of Hawaii.

About 95% will probably never come ashore and is destined for that massive swirl of floating plastic known as the north Pacific garbage patch. The remaining fraction is due to reach the west coast of the US and Canada in October.

No one expects to wake up one morning to a tsunami of rubbish. “It is not like you are going to be standing on the beach looking at the horizon and see a wall of debris come in,” said Nicholas Mallos, a marine debris expert at the Ocean Conservancy.

But there have already been some bizarre finds. This week a beachcomber in British Columbia found a moving crate containing a rusting Harley-Davidson motorcycle registered to Japan’s Miyagi prefecture, which absorbed the brunt of the tsunami. The crate also contained a set of golf clubs.

Last month a a football washed up on an uninhabited island off Alaskaand was traced to its owner, a Japanese schoolboy from the town of Rikuzentakata which was almost flattened by the tsunami. A 160ft fishing boat, the Ryou-Un Maru, drifting to within 300 miles of the British Columbia coast before it was deemed a hazard to shipping and sunk by the US coastguard, was also found.

Washington state officials last week put up posters advising residents what may arrive on their beaches, from common litter to aluminium canisters possibly containing insecticide, and derelict boats.

Read more …

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Portland, OR: US Bank in Southeast attacked

War On Society AND KATU

PORTLAND, Ore. – Police are looking for two suspects after vandals broke windows and a glass door at a bank branch in Southeast Portland Monday night. The bank was previously hit by vandals in February.

Dispatchers said police responded to the U.S. Bank branch on S.E. Cesar Chavez Boulevard and S.E. Salmon Street at about 11:20 p.m. Officers found shattered glass along with rocks and bricks scattered in and around the property.

“I was actually outside on my driveway and it was little after 11 and I heard… some glass breaking and then I saw two young men running down the street on the other side dressed in black,” a witness who did not want to be identified told KATU News. “It was a pretty loud crash and I thought it was from the house they’re building down the street.”

The branch was hit by vandals on Feb. 29 ahead of a large planned Occupy Portland protest march that targeted financial institutions and other business that are part of a group known as ALEC.

However, emails received by media outlets and police indicated the suspects who broke the bank’s windows on Feb. 29 were not part of the Occupy protest.

No damage estimate for the latest round of vandalism has been released. Police have not released any suspect descriptions. The bank does have outdoor security cameras.

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Secret Service Agents Sued for “Viewpoint Discrimination”

By Noel Brinkerhoff

A federal appellate court has ruled that two Secret Service agents must face charges for violating the free speech rights of protesters by engaging in “viewpoint discrimination” during the administration of President George W. Bush.
On October 14, 2004, Secret Service agents Tim Wood and Rob Savage were part of President Bush’s security detail when he visited the mining town of Jacksonville, Oregon. Groups of both pro- and anti-Bush demonstrators gathered outside the hotel where Bush was staying. According to court papers, relations between the two sides were non-violent and “cordial.” However, Wood and Savage then ordered state and local law enforcement officers to move the Bush critics away from the building and undergo security screening, while allowing the pro-Bush crowd to get closer and not endure the screening. The law enforcement officers used “clubs, pepperspray bullets, and violent shoving” to accomplish their task.
With the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, seven anti-Bush demonstrators sued the Secret Service, claiming Wood and Savage violated their First Amendment rights.
The agents filed a motion to have the lawsuit dismissed. But the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the motion and denied qualified immunity to Wood and Savage.

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