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As some of you may or may not know; Wikileaks and The Pirate Bay have both been hit by DDoS attacks - attacks that resemble attacks often carried out by Anonymous.

Anyone even remotely familiar with Anonymous realizes how ludicrous the idea of them attacking Wikileaks or The Pirate Bay is.

My theory is: some large, powerful corporation is pretending to be Anonymous and is taking down these two websites - possibly in fear of a massive leak that they don’t want getting out.

Goldman Sachs recently had ‘very embarrassing’ unredacted court papers leaked about their naked short selling, meanwhile JP Morgan just lost $2 BILLION - maybe these companies - or another large corporation altogether knows there is some very bad information about them that has been ‘compromised’ (perhaps through a hack they discovered?) and are doing some damage control in order to keep that information under wraps. 

Because we know that WikiLeaks and The Pirate Bay [assuming that were the case] would distribute that stuff quickly and effectively - and that would not be good for ‘the bottom line’ of any corporation.

Just a thought.     

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