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Anarchists ‘shot nuclear boss Roberto Adinolfi’


An Italian anarchist group has said it carried out an attack last Monday on a senior executive of nuclear engineering group Ansaldo Nucleare.

Roberto Adinolfi, 53, was shot in the leg by a gunman on a motorbike in the northern Italian city of Genoa.

He has undergone surgery and colleagues have said his condition is not serious.

The “Olga Cell” of the FAI (Informal Anarchist Federation), made the claim by a letter sent to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

The letter says that the attack “was carried out to punish one of the many sorcerers of the atomic industry”.

Strong presence

The Ansaldo group is part of aerospace and defence giant Finmeccanica.

Four of its managers were targets of attacks in the 1970s and ’80s by the far-left Red Brigades movement.

The shooting of Mr Adinolfi has prompted investigators to draw similarities with the previous attacks.

Investigative sources have pointed at anarchists involved in extremist activity as possible suspects.

The incident has sparked fears that the shooting could be a signal for sleeper cells to carry out more attacks or spark copycat shootings.

The anarchist movement has a strong presence in Genoa.

According to Italian news agency Ansa, police were examining recent pronouncements by some anarchist groups which have called for “a shift to a new phase that could lead to armed action”.

The FAI has carried out a string of attacks on European institutions, including parcel bombs that exploded at the Swiss and Chilean embassies in the Italian capital Rome in 2010, badly wounding the two people who opened them.

A third bomb sent to the Greek Embassy four days later was defused.

In December last year, a parcel bomb exploded at a tax collection office in Rome, injuring the director. Police said the package also contained a leaflet signed by the anarchist group FAI.

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Seattle Department of Corrections Building Smashed in Solidairty with Comrade Jack from Oakland


Moderator’s note: We received an anonymous clarification to this also anonymous communique that the building that was attacked was a Department of Corrections building. The statement previously submitted said it was a police building, but that was apparently an error.

Early in the morning we went to the west seattle community building and smashed out the windows. We also left two messages. One being a circle A, and the other being ” For Oakland”. We did this to show solidarity with our comrade Jack who is currently facing ridiculous charges and bail conditions after being arrested at a demo in oakland a few months ago. On the heels of a very impressive and inspiring May Day, us here in Seattle have aboslutely no desire to slow down in our never-ending struggle against the state and all those who protect it. Soldarity to Jack and all other Oakland comrades who are out at every demo causing havoc! From the NW to the Bay, soldarity means attack!

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Portland, OR: Brief update on Pax, the comrade arrested Thursday

UPDATE 5/5 from freepax on facebook:

“We’ve paid Pax’s $4k bond! He’ll be out either very late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. More updates when we know more. (Bail was originally set at $360k, but reduced when 64 of the charges were abandoned.)”


On the morning of May 3rd over a dozen members of the Portland Police Department stormed a North Portland house and tore it apart on a warrant to indict our friend Bryan Michael Wiedeman (widely known as Pax) on 72 felony charges for “conspiracy to commit criminal mischief” and “criminal mischief” as apparently part of a two year grand jury investigation. The preposterousness of these charges (64 were dropped within a couple days), is clearly intended to terrorize and silence radical communities throughout the pacific northwest. But we’re going to show them how strong our solidarity is.

Pax had his first day in court Friday May 4th at 2pm, he was assigned a public defendant and the judge claimed there was probable cause for the 72 felony charges (despite the fact that 64 were dropped later that night). As of Saturday night following the reduction to only eight felony charges he’s been bailed out by supporters for $4000. His next court date will be Monday May 14th at 9am in the Portland Justice Center. Further updates, public announcement listserv, resources, calender and a direct donations jar to follow shortly. We have tshirts for preorder. Updates can also be found on his facebook support page.

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May 1st: After The Blossoms of Spring, a Hot Summer

by Miami Autonomy & Solidarity

Global Crisis; American Nightmare
A global economic crisis has brought a new Great Depression to the doorsteps of working class families. While the corporations, government officials, and bureaucracies are experiencing record profits and compensation, those who are least able to pay are expected to shoulder the majority of the burden [1,2]. This collapse is placed upon the backs of workers, and even more to the most oppressed in working class communities, for example: working class women, immigrants, blacks, and latinos [3,4]. Despite the promises of a Democratic congress and presidency, deportations of undocumented immigrants have dramatically increased since Obama took office, tearing communities apart and criminalizing whole populations. If we don’t fight back, the crisis may drive a permanent decline in our standard of living, deepen the domination over the oppressed, and widen the gaps in American society.

But people are coming together and finding ways to support and struggle alongside each other in ways that haven’t been seen in generations. The potential of a mobilized, conscious, and active movement frightens those in power, and they are pouring money, resources, and repression into diverting potential movements. People all over the world are building new struggles: turning vacant foreclosures into homes, resisting tuition hikes and worsening education in universities, fighting cuts and injustice at work,  resisting ICE deportations and challenging second class status for immigrants, launching fare strikes on transit against service cuts and fare hikes, and resisting racialized police brutality and violence against oppressed communities. Attempts to coopt these potential movements are coming out of the unions who fear changes in the comfortable relationships they have with management, from the NGOs who are funded by and keep their jobs through all those who profit off our suffering, and from the political machinery that wants to channel our anger into their careers.

Vote with your feet

With the upcoming election far too often the range of reactions is either one of deserved cynicism but usually coupled with crippling apathy  (“They’re all corrupt, things won’t change”) or a faith like belief that some type of democratic or populist reform is possible that will alleviate the major underlying symptoms of capitalism (campaign finance reform, repeal Citizens United, populist illusions, etc).

But more concerning is the host of snake oil sellers on the left, within NGOs, and unions who will be pulling out all the stops to sell the Democratic Party oil once again. This might entail some re-packaging but some like SEIU who shamelessly carry water for the Democrats have publically announced their endorsement of Obama in the name of the 99% well ahead of most players. We will also receive a number of crass rationalizations (lesser evil, new promises of legislation, and once in his second term Obama will do what he really wants). A few on the left will make arguments along the lines of the left ‘strategically engaging’ the Obama campaign, though if you look carefully they seem to have exactly the same strategy and sales pitch as they did during the 2008 campaign. And for all the hype they made in 2008 these players ironically have little to show for their investment.

Abandoned by the State, unions, and civil society, some people put their hope in the return of a strong government to protect them, solve the crisis, and return things to business as usual. Putting faith in the courts, lobbying, and legislative reform fuel the fires of hope; we can’t wait for a messiah to save us while things deteriorate. Even the purest of heart can’t help but continue our suffering when they step into government. The structure is built for the interests of power, and working in the halls of power changes people. By living, working, and experiencing reality through a life of politicians, lobbying, wealthy donors and corporations, and being outside the normal lives of everyday people, the political machinery represents it’s own interests and those of the powerful against the rest of the population. If some rebel tried to truly make real changes that threatened the powerful, the ruling class would not tolerate it. The rich will never let their wealth be voted away [5]; throughout history they opted to unleash bloody dictatorships against democracy, rather than bend to people’s democratic will when it threatened them.

The era of government safety nets ended for a reason; it was based denying that standard of living to sections of the working class at home (for example black and latino workers), and exploiting the wealth of dominated countries abroad. Now the global balance of power has shifted with rising capitalists to the South, East, and West, and movements for equality throughout the 20th century challenged domination in our borders. In this global crisis attempting to save this system will only result in continuing the poverty, work organized for management rather than people, domination of women and the oppressed, police violence and prison society, institutionalized racism, and all the forms of repression we know. Relying on those who benefit from this to be willing to change just because we vote for them is waiting for a miracle.

We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for

The country has been electrified by mobilizations that seem to reflect a new combativeness and focus on class in parts of American society. The challenge for us is to move from an activist movement to a popular movement rooted in people’s everyday lives. A number of activist movements in the US failed precisely here, such as the anti-nuclear movements, anti-war movements (Gulf War, Afghanistan, and Iraq), and the anti-globalization movement. Still, today people worldwide are waking up to the need to take matters into their own hands and solve the problems the politicians and capitalists are unable to.

Throughout American history we have made change only when collectively we stood together and used our power. Slavery wasn’t ended by Abraham Lincoln or even northern politicians; it was destroyed by movements against slavery organizing and taking action against a divided ruling class, culminating in a massive slave rebellion during the civil war (what WEB DuBois called a general strike [6]) that forever changed American society. Politicians and unions didn’t give us the weekend, workers rights, or the 8hr day; we won those when workers challenged power through spreading strikes, demonstrations, and chasing down the ruling class in unemployment offices, courts, and government buildings. Segregation wasn’t defeated by patiently lobbying politicians, but by people putting their bodies and lives on the line to take the streets, break the unjust laws of their time, and put forward a vision of a freer humanity. We won’t win our freedom by defending the rotten institutions of society, but by directly creating our own together. We are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

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Argentina: Claim for arson attacks on luxury vehicles

War On Society

On April 14 at 3 PM, we left an incendiary device made of gasoline and a retardant fuse that burned two luxury cars in Luis Vile and Cucha Cucha.

We continue giving fire in the city of Buenos Aires, as we said we would, after the social alarm that intends to make every citizen into a police hero “at the service of the community.”

Today civilization is coming to be a society of control of sustainable production. This means an adjustment of the screws that impose order through force.

The police service promises to spread in society; our free and wild instinct goes on the march at the same moment as well.

They cannot stop us, we do not fight so that the Earth will have its freedom and nothing more, nor to improve our conditions in life.

We use money for the destruction of their materialization.

To comrade Tortuga imprisoned in Chile.
To comrade Billy imprisoned Indonesia.
To comrade Luca seriously wounded in Italy.

Friends of the Earth – FAI

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Summary of day 13 (Monday, April 2) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

Side Note: I’d like to thank Forgottenness for alerting me to the Halandri case. I will be following it the best I can - and I’m going to attempt to only present it from the perspective of Anarchists, why? the corporate media ALWAYS lies, and they don’t provide ANY context. Anyway, this is one of those trials that NEEDS to be paid attention to.


SOURCE: This Is Our Job

At the beginning of the session, five family members of the defendants took the stand, as well as a friend of the Nikolopoulos brothers. The questioning by the prosecutor and presiding judge was far too personal. They accused the mothers of “failing to keep an eye on your children in order to know what kind of company they keep” and pressured the father of the Nikolopoulos brothers to take a position on the fact that his sons admitted to being members of the Fire Cells Conspiracy as well as give his opinion on “the value of human life.” The latter line of inquiry was an obvious reference to the Fire Cells Conspiracy statement read in court two sessions ago. Defense attorney Ifigenia Karandrea and her clients reacted immediately, with Christos Tsakalos rereading part of the statement in question and emphasizing that “the presiding judge is provoking us when he says that our organization generally disregards the value of human life.”

Two more police officers—presumably “eyewitnesses” to the Fire Cells Conspiracy attack on the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace—then took the stand, but neither one was actually on duty the day of the attack and therefore neither had anything of note to say. Nevertheless, the judges had the gall to ask them what they heard about the incident from coworkers and television.

Two store employees and and EMS worker also testified, repeatedly stating that they didn’t see the faces of the “perpetrators” and thus couldn’t describe their physical features. The judges then asked them to look at the defendants in the dock “to see if you recognize some of them.”

Three Special Guards who were “robbed of a logbook of fines by a threatening group of youths” (apparently the logbook was found during one of the searches) had nothing of consequence to contribute, nor could they positively identify anyone.

Finally, Gerasimos Arsenis took the stand. It was his apartment (which he shares with his wife Louka Katseli) that was attacked by the Fire Cells Conspiracy in September 2009. He testified that the explosion was very weak, but that “it theoretically could have endangered human lives” since the courtyard windows were broken and a door was destroyed. Arsenis neglected to mention that the Fire Cells Conspiracy placed a warning call, the apartment building was evacuated, and the courtyard windows were broken by firefighters in order to allow smoke to escape. Tsakalos and Michalis Nikolopoulos posed several questions to Arsenis in an attempt to make him recognize the political nature of the attack on his apartment, but the former minister just kept repeating that it was “an act of terrorism.”

The defense attorneys then resubmitted their request to subpoena former Antiterrorist Unit chief D. Horianopoulos, who has already ignored two prior subpoenas.

To conclude the session, Michalis Nikolopoulos read the following statement in the name of the entire Fire Cells Conspiracy:

Gerasimos Arsenis is a recognized dignitary of power. During the course of his lengthy political career, he was in charge of the Ministries of the Economy, Defense, and Education, and he also led PASOK for a time.

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