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Privacy Expert: All Protesters Are Routinely Scanned and ‘Skimmed’ By Drones

Investigator says protesters have phones scanned, identity logged by authorities as a matter of course

A prominent private investigator operating out of New York and Texas has noted that anyone engaging in any large scale protest, is now subjected to scanning by drones that skim their personal information from their cell phones.

In a talk entited “Privacy is dead”, pi Steven Rambam told an audience of hackers and privacy activists at HOPE 9 in New York recently that the authorities have the capability to extract real-time data on individuals by “surveying” their electronic devices, and do so as a matter of routine.

Rambam, who has conducted several thousand missing-person searches over almost three decades, claims that the practice is considered a “legitimate investigatory technique”, and that anyone who protested with the Occupy Wall Street movement would have been subjected to it.

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