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Drone marketplace takes off globally


UAVs are the fastest-growing sector in the aerospace industry, according to a recent study by defense consultancy The Teal Group.

Current global sales are between $6.6 billion a year this is expected to almost double to $11.4 billion a year over the next decade. Over the ten-year period $89 billion dollars worth of drones are expected to be sold at air shows like this one and others in Dubai, Singapore and Paris where the world gathers to buy arms.

The surging market in the global sale of UAVs occurs at a time when these systems are becoming a common tool not just in the military but for civilian use as well.

The speed with which drones have become tactical weapons of choice, rather than surveillance tools, has alarmed senior military commanders and theorists. Some, like a former chief of Britain’s Royal Navy, question their legality. Others ask whether their use challenges the basic chain of command that goes into critical military decision making.

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