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This Mountain Dew Tastes Like Urine


This Mountain Dew tastes like urine.

The Ferguson Police Department says that Bryan Willman isn’t the shooter, Darren Wilson is.

I have questions.

The only Darren Wilson I know about is a black cop in St. Louis who is attempting to dismantle racism in the police force there.

Why would he, then, turn around and murder a black kid in cold blood as has been described by several witnesses?

Are they throwing him under the bus because he’s a troublemaker on the force? Is this them trying, literally, to kill two mockingbirds with one stone?

But why would Wilson co-sign?

Unless this is a different Darren Wilson.

I’m not saying that a black police officer isn’t JUST as capable of being a tool of the White Supremacist State as a white officer. I’m just saying that THIS particular black officer, if it’s the same Darren Wilson, seems to be relatively conscious about such matters. Why would he 180?

Something else that isn’t explained:

The conversation on Bryan Willman’s Facebook page—where he is clearly trying to hide himself and his identity from the public after the shooting, getting advice from his friends on how to do so, and who deleted his page after being named by Anonymous.

Why would a cop with nothing to hide, who didn’t pull the trigger, have to do all of that?

Also, some more cop bullshit about “He fit the description.”

A convenience store is supposedly robbed and you see a black kid and in your mind, 1+1 = 3?


I have more questions than answers.

And I detect a conspiracy.

I won’t believe a word of this unless it’s corroborated by the two black witnesses we’ve heard from.

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1. Eric Garner executed on July 17th, 2014. Put in illegal choke hold and strangled by the NYPD

2. Pregnant lady gets put in an illegal chokehold by an NYPD officer for “illegally grilling” while her seven year old daughter watches July 27th, 2014

3. NYPD enters wrong house and drags a naked woman across the floor, then pepper sprays her four year old grandson August 2nd, 2014.

4. Man shot and killed by police for holding a toy gun in a Walmart, Dayton, Ohio - August 6th, 2014

5. Unarmed Black teen shot ten times by the Ferguson Police while walking home with his friend from the convenience store - August 9th, 2014

Since July 17th there has been five reported occurrences exemplifying the police and American justice system’s lack of reverence for Black life. These are the five stories that were able to attract at least minimal attention. Who knows what is going on out there covered up (like the Ferguson police is trying to do with Mike Brown’s murder), unrecorded, and unknown. In the past 23 days the police have perpetrated the humiliation, degradation, and murdering of Black dignity,souls, and people. Knowledge is power. Do not rely on mainstream media to give you the full/accurate story. They will always be complicit in the devaluing of Black life because Blackness has been criminalized in America. Please spread these stories and add any more that you know of under the hashtag #badges are the new hoods. We need to start documenting, and spreading information. They will try to silence us as they did to Ramsey Orta, and Alba Lekaj, the people who filmed the NYPD harasing and murdering Eric Garner. But united we can make a difference.  Knowledge is power. Stay woke Black America, Stay woke.

this happened in the past 23 days

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What were the protesters in Ferguson actually protesting on Sunday night? More than the death of an innocent black man, they were protesting the very disposability of the Black Body. The disposition of ‘ontological death’, meaning what constitutes a ‘full person’ (by any interpretation) is not recognized in the black population of America by the prevailing social institutions. So little significance does the Black Body hold that the media would rather talk about broken windows and burned out corner stores than the death of a living, breathing, human being.

The murder of Michael Brown was not a coincidence nor is it unrelated in the scope of American history. It must be contextualized in a long and ongoing lineage of violence against the Black Body and specifically that national oppression of Black peoples which works on behalf of the racist white supremacist capitalism of the United States. Michael Brown wasn’t the first innocent Black man to be murdered by racist pigs and he won’t be the last if we cannot change the course of the future.

There is a war being waged right now against the most basic existence of an entire population, and it’s happening on your street. The systemic oppression of the black population is integral to the very development of the United States as has been observed historically. Black people were and still are the free labor, they were and still are the most poor and vulnerable, they were and still are the ‘societal excess’ by which every ‘symptom’ of capital accumulation could be blamed upon. The war against the Black community is an ‘American war’ in the most authentic sense of the phrase.

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The empire of hypocrisy

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